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Qu’ Art De Siècle di canzone italiane

As melomanic as Adamo, now let’s test that out… As the two friends often drop by each other’s place, even on a stage.
Or, another attempt: roots-chanson, doest that exist? As what this enthusiastic Italian troubadour and author presents is an exceptionally unique narrative tradition put to music.

Not to be compared with e.g. Paolo Conte, but certainly that sort of witty uniqueness with theatrical traits that they’re so good at on that peninsula. Or, of course: Tom Waits as great idol, even though Vinicio sometimes works avidly with Marc Ribot too!

Vinicio Capossela (practise that: with 2x s and 1x l) does his intriguing stage-thing with diverse ensembles and has done so for at least a quarter of a century, this time doing so with La Banda Della Posta to celebrate a ‘Qu’Art De Siècle’.

A tour that, by the way, will visit several capitals: Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin… and now Brussels too!







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