A melting of ska, post-rock and punk, strong charisma and personality; that’s what Meganoidi’s music have to give.

Meganoidi is an Italian band from Genoa, born under great influences of ska-core and punk; the band changed style over the years until it lands currently to a very slow and fluid post-rock. In 1998 they released their first demo, Supereroi contro la Municipale, consisting of five ska songs. In 2000 they released their second album, Outside the Loop Stupendo Sensation, with which the group took partial distances from the ska genre to migrate to a more experimental alternative rock / punk. This change in style is, said the band itself, associated with a change of mentality, partly due to the events that took place during the G8 summit in Genoa.

From this album comes to light one of the most popular songs of the band, “Zeta Reticoli”, whose video clip, was one of the most played songs in 2004 by MTV. 2005 is the year of And Then We Met Impero,  EP with a mix of slightly progressive tones and melancholy, which reveals great influences of Pink Floyd, appreciated by the fans of long standing. On 28 April 2006 they released their third album, Granvanoeli. The style is similar to the EP And Then We Met Impero, but has generally slower songs, five of which sung in Italian. During the Granvanoeli promoting tour, takes shape the new album, but it was just in November 2008 that Meganoidi could finally enter the studio to record the new Al posto del fuoco, a disc entirely in Italian, granite and compact despite its many facets: songs that seem to be distant, manage to stay within the same 38 minutes disk due to the serenity with which the combo Genoese integrates the various aspects of his musical personality.







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