The excitement of grunge blended with visceral blues. Here is an effective definition of the music proposed by the Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, the acclaimed Italian blues-hardcore duo from Rome.

Their style is a clear vision of the delta blues way built in a sound that looks to the present and future. Their music is an explosive combination of influences from hard rock, stoner, to blues, soul and country, to noise rock and rap. The stage is the place where they feel at home, let go their unflagging passion for the blues, and express the full potential of their technique.

The duo was formed in 2007 by Adriano Viterbini (guitar, lead vocals and slide performance; winner of the “Best Live Musician Of The Year” in 2011) and Cesare Petulicchio (drums and backing vocals).

Their first self-produced EP, “Happy”, gets great feedback throughout the Italian musical world thanks to My Space and the YouTube channel. From then on, it has been an increasingly deeper immersion in new albums, great experiences, success stories, and, above all, live performances.
Among other things, the duo performed and won the first prize as the best band at the Heineken Jammin’ Festival. Recently they have been selected as representatives of the Italian blues to participate in the International Blues Challenge, the famous music competition run by the “Blues Foundation” and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion released their first record, which carries their name, in 2008, produced by Yorpikus Sound. The record won the SIAE prize “for the large energy released on stage combined with originality and freshness of the artistic proposal”.
After their first overseas tour in the U.S., with dates in New York and Seattle, they come back to Italy where they release the first official video clip of the song “Hey Boy Hey Girl” by Chemical Brothers, especially arranged for guitar and drums. The video jumps to the top of the MTV –Brand New chart.

They keep performing on all major stages of clubs offering a set of songs from their first album, new songs and some classics such as “Crossroads” (from the repertoire of the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson) and “Voodo Chile”, a famous song by Jimi Hendrix. Then they fly to Milan to record an overwhelming version of LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, followed  by the song “Io sono il Terribile”, included in the compilation dedicated to the TV series “Romanzo Criminale.” The latest album, “Do It” (Yorpikus Sound – Audioglobe), is released in 2011, when they begin a new tour which brings them all over Italy and beyond.




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